So disappointed

Published: November 20, 2008

First 3 games: 3-0

Last 7 games: 2-5

That says it all. 5-5 is not bad, not great, and not good. It’s average. We’re average. The New York Knicks have a better record than we do (6-5) at this point in the season. In the last 7 games we’ve: lost vs. Hawks, lost at Bobcats, won vs. Heat, lost vs. Lakers, won vs. Blazers, lost at Rockets, and tonight we lost at home to the Kings with most of their team hurt. I know what direction the team was expected to go in but I don’t understand the direction we’re actually headed in. Other than at Phoenix it feels like even when we do manage to get a win that we’re just scraping by. I read a blog here where someone made a comment that this season has started out the way the Saints season started out after that great season in ’06. I didn’t want to admit it, but that’s what worried me over the summer. Maybe I’m too disappointed too fast. Maybe I’m right on the money. After 10 games of an 82 game season, who really knows anything yet? I’ve seen a ton of things so far with the team that I hate but I won’t go into detail because I’ll be here all night. I’ll just try and stay optimistic.

Looking ahead, the Hornets next 5 games: at OKC, vs. OKC, at LAC, at Den, and at Por. I don’t know what I’ll do if we don’t come out of this 5 game stretch with at least 3 wins.

  • at Oklahoma City- Unless the Thunder (1-11) turn into the LA Lakers over night, I expect nothing less than a complete rout. A win by at least 15-20 points or so.
  • vs. Oklahoma City- see above.
  • at Los Angeles Clippers- Clippers (2-9) have struggled so far this season even when Baron Davis and Marcus Camby have played. I expect Davis and Al Thornton to score at least 20 or so points a piece and I doubt the rest of team will give them a lot of help. I expect us to take this one by a fairly wide margin too but you never know what will happen the way we’ve played lately.
  • at Denver- The Nuggets (8-4, 7-1 since Billups trade) have played really well since the trade. Other than their misstep at Cleveland, they’ve been better defensively, more patient offensively, and they’ve gotten a lot of production from guys that didn’t or weren’t able to produce much last season (NeNe & Kenyon Martin). I expect this one to be a pretty good game. I think if we can defend well enough to make Denver force shots like they have in the past, we’ll be fine but it’ll will be difficult to do with Billups at point. Game can go either way.
  • at Por- At Portland (7-5) was a tough one for us last time we were there. If I remember correctly we led in the 4th, had a meltdown, and went on to lose that game. We’ve already beaten Portland this season (W 87-82) but they’re a team that plays better at home. They’ve got a ton of guys that will come in and produce for them. Aldridge has really developed into something special, Brandon Roy is a big-time player, and the rest of their team is as rock solid as they come. Not to mention the fact that they have probably the second best bench in the league with Oden, Outlaw, and Rudy Fernandez (just to name a few) coming in and giving great minutes. I’ll never flat out pick against the Hornets but the way we’ve struggled lately…, I can’t do it….Game can go either way.

First in line for a beatdown x2, Oklahoma City Thunder (I hope)

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